Why I Walk 10,000+ Steps

Why walk 10,000 steps a day

Walking is said to have many health improvements.  I decided to look up some of the reasons why a person would walk 10,000+ steps in a day:

  • Lose weight.
  • Stabilize blood sugars.
  • Make your heart stronger.
  • Make your brain perform better.


So I thought I’d try it.  Now 365 straight days would be very, very difficult.  So I decided just to try and hit 10,000 that day.  And to my surprise, I did get all my steps in.  I decided the next day to try it again. And the day after.

Today will be my 5th straight day at 10,000 steps.  Hard to believe… I averaged 2,900 steps in all of August and the first two weeks of September.  Here’s a link to my daily step count.

Will I reach 365 straight days?  Maybe.  But I do think I can do it today.  And that’s what matters,, right?


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