The Wakeup Call

My diabetes nurse called me today, for my regular monthly appointment.

She automatically gets my blood sugar reports from my Freestyle Libre 2.  And she knows I journal all my food, and when I eat it each day.  After comparing the two, there was a long pause, and she said very clearly that she’s very worried about my current health.

I’m dizzy much of the time.  And I get horrible sweet breath when my sugars fluctuate.  And so nauseous. She said I needed big changes, right now.

I need to remove anything sweet, except the odd handful of berries.  All snacks for the immediate future are to be raw veggies with hummus or tzatziki.  Nothing processed.  And I need to slowly get back walking as the dizziness passes (a week or so ago I was averaging 10,000 to 20,000 steps daily.)

I’ve got some work to do.  Starting right now.  I have no reason to believe I can’t climb this mountain.  Right now.