Starting Over March 28th

Hey.  I’m starting fresh this morning.  There are several reasons, such as:

  • My diabetes is out of control.  Eating and activity will help.
  • I’m feeling lousy.  My anxiety is brutal and my sleep is suffering.
  • I’m afraid that my days are shorter with this ill health.

So here’s what I’m doing:

  • Walking a minimum 10,000 steps daily.  And stretching lots as my lower back tightens with extra steps.
  • Eating healthy for diabetes in lowering blood sugars, and tracking daily WW points to aid in losing weight.
  • Working out in the gym daily – signed up for a new membership at a community centre this morning.
  • I’ll post daily progress here on the website, on Instagram (MyType2Story), and on WW Connect a few times weekly.

I really am quite afraid of my current shitty health, mostly my out-of-control diabetes blood sugars.  I’m fortunate to have a diabetes nurse I meet with virtually every 3 weeks.  I track my meals and blood sugars in a journal to see the comparison of the two.

That’s a quick update for today.  Cheers!